DBB-EXA ES – Blood tubing lines & Accessories

User-friendly blood tubing lines for DBB-EXA ES with Archloop or standard pressure transducer.


The ArchloopTM blood tubing line for DBB-EXA ES features a pressure monitor pod for extracorporeal blood pressure measurement. The diaphragm acts as a separation between blood and air and allows blood pressure measurement without air/blood contact.

Further, cross contamination by blood penetration into the pressure measurement of the device is reliably prevented by the elastic pressure membrane and the downstream hydrophobic filter.



Pressure transducer with smart design.
Optimized for an ergonomical utilization by the user and an easy and secured lining and strip down of the DBB-EXA ES dialysis system.


Archloop POD

Technical implementation for monitoring the arterial and venous pressure with minimized air/blood contact. A reduction of up to 99% could be achieved to avoid clot formation.

DBB-EXA ES - Archloop blood tubing lines for online priming (D-FAS)

Article  Description Scope
AL-AFC-P Archloop blood tubing line with pressure POD HD
AL-ADC-P Simalar to AL-AFC-P, contains DEHP HD


DBB-EXA ES - Standard blood tubing lines for online priming (D-FAS)

Article                    Description Scope                    
ES-AFC-P Standard blood tubing line with Luer-Lock pressure transducer HD
ES-ADC-P Similar to ES-AFC-P, contains DEHP HD


DBB-EXA ES - Accessories

Article Description Scope
C18 RFB-P Infusion line with 2 Luer-Lock fittings For D-FAS priming with saline
C18 RFC-P Infusion line with 1 Luer-Lock and 1 spike For D-FAS priming with saline
C18 BDD-P Sample line for online port For sampling
C18 SFD-P Circulation adaptor AV connection


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