DBB-EXA offers a wide range of configurations and options fulfilling highest safety standards. 
Dialysis Full Assist System (D-FAS) simplifies and automates standard user operations. As a result, operator errors and/or risk of contamination can be significantly reduced. 


Cost efficiency

For the administrator who manages the dialysis facility, and is seeking a way to reduce the treatment costs, DBB-EXA is the dialysis machine that can reduce the total costs of ownership.



For the healthcare professional who requires more time for the patient, DBB-EXA is the dialysis machine that can provide more time for patient care by reducing routine dialysis tasks.


Innovative design

For the dialysis patient, DBB-EXA is the dialysis machine that provides a more comfortable treatment environment thanks to its smart, quiet and compact design.


Accurate and safe monitoring & flexible treatment options

For the nephrologist who wants to deliver a safe and effective treatment, DBB-EXA is the dialysis machine that provides accurate and safe monitoring as well as flexible treatment modes.

Key benefits

  • Dialysis Full Assist System (D-FAS)
  • Online HDF/HF in pre-and post-dilution mode
  • ISO-UF (sequential UF)
  • Single needle mode with double or single pump
  • UF, conductivity and bicarbonate profiles
  • Contactless patient card
  • Network connection
  • Connection port for external devices


  • Haemo-Master (BV-UFC/COC)
  • Blood Volume Measurement with active UF and conductivity regulation
  • Vascular access recirculation rate measurement
  • Active Blood Pressure Monitor (BPM) optional with iNIBP
  • Dialysis Dose Monitor (DDM)
  • Central concentrate delivery system (CCS) for two concentrate connections 

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