Hemodialysis equipment

Devices of the DBB-EXA series have been developed for the value-oriented dialysis providers who are committed to high quality and safety standards and are looking for a monitor to deliver standard HD treatments and/or advanced therapies.

DBB-EXA and DBB-EXA ES are compact, user-friendly and cost efficient dialysis monitors providing a safe and efficient hemodialysis.

With a variety of configurations and options, the DBB-EXA series meets the needs of the modern dialysis facility.


DBB-EXA offers a wide range of configurations and options fulfilling highest safety standards. 
Dialysis Full Assist System (D-FAS) simplifies and automates standard user operations. As a result, operator errors and/or risk of contamination can be significantly reduced. 

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Approximately 60 to 70% of all dialysis treatments performed are standard hemodialysis (low or high flux). The DBB-EXA ES dialysis system covers exactly this segment.

Numerous options allow a configuration that is tailored to the respective market requirements.

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